Thursday, 20 February 2014

Some Day


did you guys saw that first picture? well that was me. my first day of school was like "hi! i miss you so much" or "heyyy did you miss me?" ,but everyday after that day was a mess. every homework was like killing me and im dying. help me! even people in my class hate me so much. i dont even know why :( maybe im noisy but they can talk to me properly not sneaking around my back. it hurts more when people do that. there also this boy, i dont know why but it seems like he didnt have 'laugh receptors'. even when someone made a hilarious joke and everybody bursted ou laughing, he kept doing his ridiculous face. sometimes i feel like i wanna slap him in front of the entire class. hahaah. that would be fun right?
OK im through here i wanna sleep. i hope when you guys close your eyes, you wouldnt say things like zayn. haha. BYE